Failure to pay IRS back taxes can result in penalties and interest that can compound over years, creating tax debt that could be substantially larger than the initial amount owed.

Non-payment of penalties and interest can result in garnishment of your wages, placement of a levy or lien against your property, seizure of your assets, or even more serious penalties
The longer you wait, the greater the risk of IRS problems mounting against you. Tax Fixers can help you stop the cycle of penalties now, using our staff of ex-IRS agents and tax professionals to negotiate for you what is called an abatement of penalties.

An abatement of penalties is a request to the IRS to remove certain penalties that were added to the taxpayer’s account for a particular year or multiple years.
The taxpayer is required to have ‘reasonable cause’ that is specific for each year when submitting this request and must be able to explain why this reason should grant the penalties to be removed from their account.

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